Why Raffles?

Speed and Accuracy, like in Formula One

Raffles International’s professional and speedy Direct Search Methodology leads to success, always. We work like a pit-stop Team in Formula One; with laser precision, simultaneously combining specialists, fast and efficient. With our people’s skills and support, you and the candidates will be winners, like Schumacher racing his World Grand Prix. Raffles International reaches the finish line with the best available candidates, exactly as specified, over delivering, time after time, adding the very best candidates to join your winning F1 Team.

Quality and Service

Our ‘on time’ delivery of shortlisted candidates, all being capable for the Position, sets a new benchmark of service in Executive Search. We understand our business of finding the right people in every sense. We find Leaders & Team players. We find people with a heart of gold. We introduce people ‘going for gold'.

Global Reach

Although South-East Asia is our home market, the world is our playground. Supported by our Asian network of Associates we can support your organization on an Asia wide scale.

We Don't Sell

We don’t persuade a candidate. It’s the candidates who convince us of their abilities in every sense, and therefore we must see and talk to all candidates in person. It is the candidate who has to be convincing, pro-actively, and showing real interest. We don’t persuade a candidate to fill our shortlist, as it is the candidate’s qualities and genuine capabilities that might lead to being introduced to our Business Partner. That is our philosophy and methodology. That leads to naturally balanced and ‘close to ideal’ shortlisted candidates.

Direct Search Methodology

How we find our candidates is by mapping the market, defining Target Markets, Target Segments and Target Companies. We define the ‘levels’ to look for, we call hundreds of people for one and the same Search, we find the best available candidates in the market. We don’t really do recruitment. We Search for talented candidates, step by step. Especially for those who are ready for the ‘jump’. We need that retainer, to cover our substantial initial Search costs. To keep our people motivated to ‘shop till they drop’. Contingency work is not our specialty, as we deserve at least ‘exclusivity’. We don’t try to impress with a major database, which often is obsolete. The best candidates aren’t looking for a job. They are the needle in the haystack. That’s what we do best, finding great people ‘in the hay stack’.