About Us

Raffles International Executive Search is a modern, strong and successful Search firm with their Asian Head Quarters in Singapore, working with the best available Consultants and Researchers the market has to offer, partnering with outstanding Associates in the most important countries in Asia Pacific and in Europe; a select group of outstanding companies with high profile, experienced consultants and researchers, to find the most talented and competitive Managers & Directors available anywhere in and for the Asian Region.

Raffles International Executive Search has the most mature, experienced and hands-on, practice-oriented Executive Search Consultants to serve you. Our Founder & CEO has nearly 25 years of experience as Managing Director of manufacturing entities and Executive Search firms in many different countries in the world. Our newly appointed senior consultants all have years of practical experience on the highest corporate levels, so they understand the clients’ goals, challenges and strategic plans. We all understand how people ‘tick’, how to judge their competences and their character.

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About Our Founder

Peter-Paul Nijsten is the Founder & CEO of Raffles International Executive Search Pte Ltd, where he has established himself as a ‘generalist’, broadly active in Industrial, Technological, Commercial, Retail and Trade related Industries in Asia Pacific. Prior to this assignment, he was Regional Director at a well known International Executive Search firm in Singapore since 2007; he came to Asia in 2006 and started as Business Director in Executive Search in Shanghai, China.

Peter-Paul was a successful Managing Director for 22 years until 2006, successfully working for three mid-sized European manufacturing organizations in multicultural environments with world-wide marketing, sales and sourcing activities. He was posted in Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and in China, before coming to Singapore. The product ranges were related to Drive Technology, Power Transmissions & Power Generation, Wind & Gas Turbines, High Speed Trains and computer controlled Material Handling Systems & Supply Chain.

Peter-Paul has extensive experience in management & organization, HR, Marketing & Sales in Europe, in the US and in Asia. He has built manufacturing plants and he has reorganized corporations. He has executed a merger in Belgium, where he was appointed Managing Director in the eighties and he has integrated ISO 9001 Quality Systems into 2 different entities during this millennium and before.

During his many years in Singapore, he has successfully delivered top-managers on C-, Director and (Junior) Manager level to mainly Western MNC’s, such as Harley-Davidson, MTU/Rolls Royce, Nespresso/Nestle, Heidelberg Cement, Danisco, Kimberly-Clark, Palfinger, Miele and others. During his 7 years in Search, all Managers were placed within 1.5 to 3 months and all incumbents (except two) stayed successfully for at least 2 years.

Peter-Paul is fluent in Dutch, English, and German & French. He holds a BA in Business Administration from the Business University of Nijenrode and he has a BA in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

He is a Member of the Rotary Club of Singapore, the Tanglin Club, Marina One Degree 15, the Association of Dutch Business People, the BLBG (Belgian) and many Chambers such as the British, American and German Chamber. He is also a co-founding member of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Peter-Paul lives in Singapore and he has a mature daughter studying psychology/French in Canada. Privately he is particularly interested in Asian architecture and he enjoys the cultural and traditional aspects of the Asian Region. He is totally committed to Singapore and he builds bridges between East and West.